Generating Google Ads Keywords

Generating Google Ads Keywords


ChatGPT is a powerful AI language model that can be used to generate Google Ads keywords. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can help users come up with a wide range of relevant and high-quality keywords to use in their Google Ads campaigns. Whether you're looking to increase your ad impressions, reach new audiences, or drive more traffic to your website, ChatGPT can help you generate effective and impactful keywords.
  1. copy the prompt
  1. paste in chatGPT
  1. If there is a placeholder, usually in this format [placeholder], replace it once you will have copied the prompt inside ChatGPT.


"I'm launching a new Google Ads campaign for my [insert industry] business. Can you suggest some high-volume keywords that would be relevant to my target audience in [insert location] and help me achieve my [insert goal] goals?"
"My Google Ads campaign is focused on [insert industry or product]. I have a list of [insert number] existing keywords, but I need to expand my list with new and creative ideas. Can you suggest some [insert adjective] keywords that would appeal to [insert audience] in [insert location]?"
"I want to target a specific audience with my Google Ads campaign in [insert location]. Can you suggest some long-tail keywords that would be relevant to [insert audience demographics, such as age, gender, interests, etc.] and help me stand out from my competitors in this region?"
"I need to optimize my Google Ads campaign for mobile users. Can you suggest some mobile-specific keywords that would appeal to [insert audience] and help me increase my click-through rate on mobile devices?"
"I'm looking to expand my Google Ads campaign to other countries. Can you help me generate some location-specific keywords for [insert country or region] that would be relevant to my [insert industry] business and help me reach new audiences in this region?"


Be specific: When asking ChatGPT to generate keywords, be as specific as possible about your industry, target audience, location, and any other relevant details. This will help ChatGPT provide more relevant and effective keyword suggestions.
Provide examples: If you already have some keywords in mind, provide them to ChatGPT to help it understand the types of keywords you're looking for. This can also help ChatGPT generate more accurate and targeted keyword suggestions.
Refine your keywords: After ChatGPT generates a list of potential keywords, take some time to refine the list based on your specific needs and goals. This may involve removing irrelevant or low-performing keywords, or adding new ones based on your audience and competition. By refining your keywords, you can ensure that your Google Ads campaign is as effective and efficient as possible.