Job application

Job application

  1. copy the prompt
  1. paste in chatGPT
  1. If there is a placeholder, usually in this format [placeholder], replace it once you will have copied the prompt inside ChatGPT.
10 ChatGPT prompts for job application
“Compose a compelling cover letter for a {job title} position, highlighting the applicant’s skills and experience in these {key skills} and {experience}.”
“Create a professional resume for a {job seeker} seeking a {job title} role, focusing on their achievements and expertise in these specific {domains}.”
“Develop a strong personal statement for a {job title} application, showcasing the candidate’s passion for and proficiency in these {essential aspects}.”
“Craft an attention-grabbing LinkedIn summary for a {job seeker} targeting a {job title} position, emphasizing their strengths and accomplishments in these {fields}.”
“Write an email expressing interest in a {job title} role at {company name}, demonstrating the applicant’s background and aptitude in these {critical areas}.”
“Construct a compelling elevator pitch for a {job seeker} seeking a {job_title} position, focusing on their unique selling points in these {core competencies}.”
“Generate responses to common interview questions for a {job title} role, addressing the candidate’s skills and experience in these {vital areas}.”
“Formulate an engaging professional bio for a {job seeker} pursuing a {job title} position, highlighting their career highlights and expertise in these {specialized fields}.”
“Design a persuasive follow-up email for a {job seeker} after interviewing for a {job_title} role, reiterating their strengths and interest in these {key aspects}.”
"Create a networking email template for a {job seeker} looking for a {job title} opportunity, showcasing their background and passion for these specific {sectors}.


Provide clear and concise information about the specific crisis situation to help ChatGPT generate more accurate and relevant responses.
Give ChatGPT context about the severity of the crisis situation to ensure that the generated responses are appropriately sensitive and empathetic.
Consider providing ChatGPT with details about the target audience, such as their age, location, or profession, to help tailor the guidance to their specific needs.