Internal announcements

Internal announcements

  1. copy the prompt
  1. paste in chatGPT
  1. If there is a placeholder, usually in this format [placeholder], replace it once you will have copied the prompt inside ChatGPT.
10 ChatGPT prompts for internal announcements
“Craft an engaging internal announcement for a new {product} or {service} launch at {company name}, highlighting these key {key features} and {benefits}.”
“Create a company-wide announcement for an upcoming {event} or {initiative} at {company name}, emphasizing these {goals}, {dates}, and {important details}.”
“Compose a concise internal memo announcing a new {policy} or {process} at {company name}, explaining these {changes}, {reasons}, and {implementation steps}.”
“Design an announcement for the appointment of a new {executive} or {manager} at {company name}, introducing their background, role, and vision for the company.”
“Formulate a congratulatory message for {team name} on their recent accomplishments, showcasing these specific achievements and their impact on {company_name}.”
“Construct an informative announcement for an upcoming office relocation or expansion at {company name}, providing these essential {details} and {timelines}.”
“Devise an internal announcement for a recent {award} or {recognition} received by {company name}, celebrating the accomplishment and acknowledging the team’s hard work.”
“Generate a call-to-action email for {company name} employees to participate in a new {employee program} or {initiative}, highlighting these {incentives} and {benefits}.”
“Write a company-wide announcement for an upcoming training or professional development opportunity at {company name}, focusing on these {objectives registration details}.”
“Create an internal announcement addressing an organizational change or restructuring at {company name}, explaining the rationale, {new structure}, and {potential impact} on employees.”


Provide clear and concise information about the specific crisis situation to help ChatGPT generate more accurate and relevant responses.
Give ChatGPT context about the severity of the crisis situation to ensure that the generated responses are appropriately sensitive and empathetic.
Consider providing ChatGPT with details about the target audience, such as their age, location, or profession, to help tailor the guidance to their specific needs.