1. copy the prompt
  1. paste in chatGPT
  1. If there is a placeholder, usually in this format [placeholder], replace it once you will have copied the prompt inside ChatGPT.


Write my Fiver profile

Can you help me write my Fiverr profile for [specific task or service], that includes selecting the right keywords, categories, and tags that match my expertise and target customers, and creating a professional and eye-catching profile image, banner, and bio that reflect my personality and value proposition? I want to make sure that my Fiverr profile is optimized, informative, and engaging, and helps me attract and retain quality customers."

Create a standout Fiverr gig post

"Can you help me create a standout Fiverr gig for [specific task or service], that includes writing a clear and compelling gig title, description, and pricing that highlight my unique selling points and benefits, and adding high-quality images, videos, and samples that showcase my skills and portfolio? I want to make sure that my Fiverr gig is optimized, differentiated, and persuasive, and helps me convert more visitors into customers."
When it comes to writing content, two factors are crucial, "perplexity" and "burstiness." Perplexity measures the complexity of text. Separately, burstiness compares the variations of sentences. Humans tend to write with greater burstiness, for example, with some longer or complex sentences alongside shorter ones. AI sentences tend to be more uniform. Therefore, when writing the following content I am going to ask you to create, I need it to have a good amount of perplexity and burstiness. Based on the knowledge you have on fiverr, generate the following instructions to use in a fiver gig in English, based on these keywords video editing 1_ Generate at least two human made highly catchy and attention grabber title, it should be 70 charcters or less the shorter THE BETTER, and the title should follow this format : I will.... 2_ Describe some Images that could be used as the gig thumbnail, at least 3 3_ Give a script of an explanatory video of the gig following the same instructions, the video should be precise to the point and optimized to attract the consumers attention from the first frame. 4_ Format the following instruction in a table : Generate 3 Different Packages (Basic, Standard and premium) and precise what makes them different Example : (with the basic package its only 10$ and its a simple task but premium is 200$ but you get much more from the service) each package should have AT LEAST 4 bullet points, you shoud also precise the price for each package depending on the keyword and the difficulty of the service, the price should be realistic and attractive, but not unfair. the basic price should never be more than 150$ the standard never more than 350$ and the premium can be whatever you deem a correct price for the offered services. Please describe the packages more and highlight the selling points of each package.the packages description must be formatted as bullet points highlighting the packages' selling points. 5_ Generate a description that is based on the keywords and that is descriptive attention grabbing, well punctuated using bullet points and headers and optimised to reach the customers and convince them of choosing your services. 6_ Generate 5 optimized keywords of a maximum of 20 characters for each one that wold help improve reach and that are related to the gig. 7_ An FAQ designed to help the customer understand the gig thoroughly. 8_ Requirements, things that the customer should provide to make the work easier to understand The tone should always be as if its written by a freelancer and not a team or business. Thank you ChatGPt and please apply carefully all the instructions.

Set up my Fiverr account

"Can you help me set up my Fiverr account for [specific task or service], that includes filling out my personal and business information, setting up my payment and delivery preferences, and verifying my identity and skills? I want to make sure that my Fiverr account is secure, trustworthy, and compliant, and helps me establish a positive reputation and relationship with Fiverr and its community."

Automate my Fiverr workflow

"Can you help me automate my Fiverr workflow for [specific task or service], that includes setting up automated messages, notifications, and reminders that save me time and effort, and help me stay organized and responsive to my customers' needs and expectations? I want to make sure that my Fiverr workflow is efficient, effective, and user-friendly, and helps me deliver high-quality and timely services to my customers."

Analyze and optimize my Fiverr data

"Can you help me analyze and optimize my Fiverr data for [specific task or service], that includes tracking and evaluating my Fiverr performance metrics, such as views, clicks, orders, revenues, and ratings, and identifying and implementing data-driven strategies and tactics that improve my Fiverr ranking, visibility, and sales? I want to make sure that my Fiverr data analysis and optimization methods and tools are reliable, insightful, and aligned with my Fiverr goals and aspirations."