Generating Product Feedback Surveys

Generating Product Feedback Surveys


ChatGPT can be a valuable tool in generating product feedback surveys as it has the ability to understand natural language and generate text that is both coherent and grammatically correct. By providing specific prompts or questions, ChatGPT can generate responses that capture the user's thoughts and opinions on a product or service. It can also suggest follow-up questions to help clarify responses or dive deeper into specific areas of interest.
  1. copy the prompt
  1. paste in chatGPT
  1. If there is a placeholder, usually in this format [placeholder], replace it once you will have copied the prompt inside ChatGPT.


"Can you help me create a product feedback survey for [product/service] that targets [specific audience/group] and focuses on [specific aspect of the product/service] to better understand [specific goal or objective]?"
"What are some key areas we should prioritize in our product feedback survey for [product/service] to gain insights on [specific goal or objective]? Can you provide some sample questions that address these areas, such as [specific sample questions]?"
"We want to create a product feedback survey that gathers feedback on [specific feature/aspect] and also captures [specific metric/feedback data point]. Can you suggest some questions that will help us achieve these goals, such as [specific questions]?"
"How can we structure our product feedback survey to encourage respondents to provide detailed and actionable feedback, while also acknowledging potential areas of improvement or shortcomings in the [product/service]? For example, we could ask [specific questions that address shortcomings while also encouraging feedback]?"
"Can you help us analyze the responses we receive from our product feedback survey and identify areas for improvement, such as [specific metrics/data points to look out for] and [specific tools/techniques to use for analysis]?"


Be specific in your prompts and questions. Instead of asking for general feedback on a product or service, ask about specific features or aspects that you want to improve.
Use follow-up questions to clarify responses and get more detailed feedback. For example, if someone mentions that they found a particular feature difficult to use, ask them to provide more detail on what specifically was challenging.
Encourage honest and open feedback by assuring respondents that their responses will be kept confidential and that their opinions will be valued in shaping future improvements.