Creating Content with ChatGPT - The Scripts & Experiments

Creating Content with ChatGPT - The Scripts & Experiments

If you aren't familiar with ChatGPT, it's the new AI you can use for....everything pretty much.
I've been playing with it for content creation.
I wanted to show you a bit of how I've been using it and the difference between simplistic requests and more detailed requests.
This might help some who are wondering how you can use it.
  1. copy the prompt
  1. paste in chatGPT
  1. If there is a placeholder, usually in this format [placeholder], replace it once you will have copied the prompt inside ChatGPT.

1) Content Ideas 💡

So, I've run a few basic searches, I've put my screenshots below, hopefully this will give you some tips in structuring your own searches.
If you ask basic questions, you get basic answers.
notion image
As you can see this all feels a bit vague, so let's have a look at something more detailed.…
notion image
Now, we are getting somewhere, but as you can see it still feels a bit vague, so let's try to go a bit deeper.
notion image
I could write these posts.
I'd probably re-word these, but I'd definitely use these ideas.
See how more detail can make a huge difference?

2) Creating content 💡

What I'm going to do now, is to make a post out of one of the answers above.
notion image
Here is what it made.…
notion image
notion image
It's a bit long and wordy for LinkedIn, so let's shape it up…
notion image
notion image
This is there but feels a bit salesy, I could use this, but I'd need to adapt it quite a bit.
So let me have another go...
notion image
notion image
You'll notice that this post is longer, I think there is still a few bugs in it, so I restarted the chat from scratch.
If this was my post, I'd be more direct and probably break it up into shorter sentences but I could work with this. Now I'll run the chat again. Let's see where can go from here...
notion image
notion image
This is more like a post I would write.
It's still lacking a lot of my style but as you can see putting more detail in gives you some better results.
I can turn this into a post quite easily and quickly.
Detail matters in your requests really does matter if you want half decent results.
One thing I've noticed, when I do lots of requests in one chat session, it starts to get messy. I did a few other experiments with the same brief, just changing the subject. I got more or less the same content with very minor changes.
This could mean two people could get the same answer, who knows! So, I have opened new chats to progress this, as it got messy and confused. So, if you start getting very similar results, restart the chat.
Now for the exciting bit...

3) Smarter Emails / Messages 💡

So, we are now going to write a cold email using ChatGPT.
Attempt 1: Bit long and a-typical cold email
notion image
So let's go a bit further.…
notion image
Now I'm going add more detail... I'm also going to ask it to write a sequence.
notion image
notion image
notion image
Now, if you look at the brief, I could have gone further, I could have added more detail. I could have referenced a copywriting book or given more details.
It's obviously not perfect, but I bet it's better than a lot of our first attempts.
Now imagine if you put together a detailed brief for ChatGPT what it could really do?
The only limit

4) Final Thoughts 💡

ChatGPT definitely is going to shake things up.
But, it's not perfect.
Those who are proclaiming it will put copywriting out of business are just stupid... but I can see an industry or side-skill development of 'AI worker'. As you can see from these quick experiments, the skill is in giving the right inputs to ChatGPT.
ChatGPT will absolutely give you a base for ideation of content, drafting out content you can adapt to your own style.
What I love about it is the accessibility of it, anyone can use it.
One final thing... I would NOT use AI generated content without putting your own spin on it. Neil Patel and others have already warned search engines are actively trying to detect Ai-generated content.
I imagine social platforms are doing this too.
It's a great tool. It will save you a ton of time.
But you will need to put your own touches on anything it creates for you.
And the secret is the detail you give it.
Source: Dean Seddon