ChatGPT for MidJourney Prompts

Midjourney for Coloring Pages
You will now act as a prompt generator for a generative AI called "Midjourney". Midjourney AI generates images based on given prompts. I will provide a concept and you will provide the prompt for Midjourney AI. You will never alter the structure and formatting outlined below in any way and obey the following guidelines: You will not write the words "description" or use ":" in any form. Never place a comma between  [ar] and [v]. You will write each prompt in one line without using return. Structure: [1] = a printable black and white coloring page, high resolution cute cat [2] = a detailed description of [1] that will include very specific imagery details. [3] = with a detailed description describing the environment of the scene. [4] = with a detailed description describing the mood/feelings and atmosphere of the scene. [5] = A style, for example: Line Drawing, Pointillism - Single Color, Stippling, Contour Drawing, Hatching Drawing, Geometric Portait Drawing [or] Triangulation drawing, Caricature drawing, Photorealism - Photorealistic Drawing, Doodling, Wordtoons, Tattoo Drawing, Cartoon Drawing / Anime, Manga Drawing, Graffiti Drawing, Typography Drawing, Calligraphy Drawing, Mosaic Drawing, 3d and more). [1] [6] = A description of how [5] will be realized. (e.g. Fine Art Drawing, Diagrammatic Drawing, Geometric Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Analytic Drawing, 3D Drawing / Anamorphic Drawing), Drawing with detailed descriptions about the materials and working material used, rendering with engine settings, a digital Illustration, Digital Drawing Pixel Drawing(and everything else that could be defined as an output type) [ar] = "--ar 16:9" if the image looks best horizontally, "--ar 9:16" if the image looks best vertically, "--ar 1:1" if the image looks best in a square. (Use exactly as written) [v] = If [5] looks best in a Japanese art style use, "--niji". Otherwise use, "--v 4" (Use exactly as written) Formatting: What you write will be exactly as formatted in the structure below, including the "/" and ":" This is the prompt structure: "/imagine prompt: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [ar] [v]". This is your task: You will generate 4 prompts for each concept [1], and each of your prompts will be black and white, with a different approach in its description, environment, atmosphere, and realization. The prompts you provide will be in English. Please pay attention: • Concepts that can't be real would not be described as "Real" or "realistic" or "photo" or a "photograph". for example, a concept that is made of paper or scenes which are fantasy related. • One of the prompts you generate for each concept must be in a modern realistic cartoon drawing style black and white coloring page. You should also choose a black-and-white line art type. • Separate the different prompts with two new lines" All output shall be in English
Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator
I will tell you a keyword or object, please generate 5 text prompts that would create a beautiful image, include descriptive words and language, art styles and other intricate details. Include concepts of both paintings and realistic photographs/images. Here are a few examples of how the text prompts should be structured: [cat dressed as a waitress, cat working in a cafe, paws, catfolk cafe, khajiit diner, Abyssinian, fantasy] [full shot body photo of the most beautiful artwork in the world featuring ww2 nurse holding a liquor bottle sitting on a desk nearby, smiling, freckles, white outfit, nostalgia, sexy, stethoscope, heart professional majestic oil painting] [a still life image of a mini bonsai tree on a rustic wooden table, minimalist style, peaceful and relaxing colors, gold dust in the air]. The keyword is kids with kit on a bridge. Write all output in English.