Generating Engaging Content Ideas

Generating Engaging Content Ideas


ChatGPT: The ultimate content idea generator! Struggling to come up with fresh and engaging content? Let ChatGPT take the reins and provide you with a never-ending stream of creative and attention-grabbing ideas for your blog, social media, or website. From catchy headlines to witty blog posts, this advanced language model has got you covered. Think of it as your own personal content team but with a better sense of humour and a vast knowledge base.
  1. copy the prompt
  1. paste in chatGPT
  1. If there is a placeholder, usually in this format [placeholder], replace it once you will have copied the prompt inside ChatGPT.


"I need to create content around [specific topic], can you give me some suggestions?"
"I want to create [visual content] that will stand out, can you help me with that?"
"How can I create [type of content] that will remain relevant and interesting for a long time?"
"I want to make my [content format] more interesting, can you give me some ideas?"
"I want to create a [video/blog post/infographic] that showcases the benefits of [product/service]. Can you help me come up with a list of ideas for how to present the information in an interesting and engaging way?"


notion image
notion image


Try approaching your topic from a fresh angle with ideas generated by ChatGPT.
Experiment with different formats by using ChatGPT to generate options such as articles, podcasts, videos, and infographics.